UMG entered the TOP 1000

United Medical Group entered the TOP 1000 global companies in the field of sustainable development.

The ISA - International Sustainability Awards, an international award for Sustainable Development, is a testimony to the commitment of all Clinics belonging to the United Medical Group CY (UMG) to the introduction of resource-saving, environmentally neutral solutions in the field of healthcare. The innovative technological approach has significantly reduced the negative impact on the environment when providing premium-level medical services.

United Medical Group (UMG) is an international group of companies and a global partner in the field of innovative healthcare - a leader in the market of comprehensive medical services in the segment of Luxe/Premium, high-tech and preventive medicine.

UMG not only has a first-class team of doctors who ensure the well-being of their patients, but also the most developed digital ecosystem. The experience and knowledge of specialists from the USA, Europe, Israel and MEA form UMG expertise, allowing to give better results even in the most complex branches of medicine.

The company provides services in accordance with American and European protocols, giving patients access to the latest medical technologies without the need to travel abroad, including modern telemedicine complexes for remote instrumental diagnostics TytoCare Home and Pro.

"When creating the digital ecosystem, we focused on international standards and JCI prescribed protocols in the field of sustainable development. When launching digital products over the past 5 years, we have systematically switched from using paper media to digital analogues, and, we can say, our customers "voted in rubles" – this is evidenced by the dynamics of consumption of our "electric" products and services. As for the purchase of consumables, as part of our corporate policy, we take a responsible approach to the selection of suppliers and "planet-saving" solutions. From 2019 to 2022, we have significantly reduced the amount of paper consumed by transferring communications with customers into our digital products, which, according to experts, saved more than 150 trees from felling," says A.V. Yanovsky, CEO of United Medical Group.

The clinic's specialists also perform operations related to complex surgical intervention, providing postoperative care that meets the highest international standards and requirements, comprehensive rehabilitation and individual programs for the prevention of health and longevity. Thanks to the advanced medical equipment, UMG received the international accreditation of Joint Commission International.

The jury of the International Sustainability Awards has identified UMG as a pioneer in the field of sustainable healthcare, which sets a vector for the entire industry.


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